Valuing Real Estate – The Rental Income Approach

January 24, 2012 in Real Estate

VALUING REAL ESTATE – THE RENTAL INCOME APPROACH Last week, I discussed the major benefits of using rental income as a basis to determine the long-term true value of real estate.  The rental income approach avoids the short-term focus of traditional sales comp based valuations.  In addition, the rental income [...]

Valuing Real Estate in Today’s Market

January 24, 2012 in Real Estate

VALUING REAL ESTATE IN TODAY’S MARKET The idea behind investing in today’s real estate market is a simple one.  Buy Low and Sell High.  The beauty of this strategy is that it is simple and true.  Whether one is investing in real estate, stocks, or barrels of oil, if an [...]

Perfect Time to Invest

December 21, 2011 in Real Estate

WHY NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO INVEST IN REAL ESTATE With the economy seemingly getting weaker by the day, housing prices continuing to fall, and the stock market experiencing unprecedented levels of volatility, making additional investments is the last thing on many people’s minds.  Yet if history is any [...]