When you originally started your investment and retirement planning, you may have figured how much retirement income you need on a monthly basis, what return you can expect and how many years you have left to work before you retire. All these considerations were entered into a retirement formula that tells you how much money you need to save each month so your retirement income goals are met.

These projections are based on average or normal rates of return, savings and inflation. They did not take into account the horrific decline most investment and retirement accounts were exposed to in recent years, and maybe you even had to fall behind on some of your contributions. Falling behind on your retirement goals can be devastating down the road. What are your options? Accelerating the growth of your retirement funds or postponing retirement and working longer than you had planned.

On the other hand, unless you are a master day trader, you may not want to take greater risk with your accounts now and risk losing more principal in high-risk, high-return investments. That’s where our expertise comes in. At Gallantree, we analyze real estate markets as an investment for our business and our clients, and looking at all data points for making a real investment decision, we combine highest yields with lowest risks and the security of real estate as  backing for your money.

Our investment partners and clients enjoy principal investments that gets their retirement planning back on track. They can become the foundation of your retirement wealth and goals, too. Your investments in real estate and private notes are secured by real estate with extremely conservative equity positions. Contact us today for more detailed information that we are only allowed to reveal to qualified prospects.

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