Your Team

Rudy Kobbeltvedt

Rudy has operated his consulting business in the lower mainland since 1975 and acquired his first rental property in 1984. He works tirelessly on behalf of his clients to ensure they receive the very best service and market knowledge available.  Rudy is responsible for the identification, evaluation, acquisition, and management of investment properties for investors.



Linda Kobbeltvedt

Linda holds a degree in education from University of British Columbia and has owned and managed an interior design firm for many years.  Linda  is responsible for providing exemplary customer service to our clients, and also for managing all renovations and rehabs from end-to-end utilizing her experience in construction and interior design.



Kevin Matwichuk

Kevin began real estate investing in 2003 and currently owns and manages more than 50 commercial, Canadian and US residential investment properties.

Steven Martel

Steven  Martel, brings more than a decade of experience in real estate sales, investments, and asset management.  Mr. Martel has participated in the acquisition of 8,000+ units, as well as led Steve Martel Group and its partners in the acquisition and asset management of 2,000+ units.

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