You Have More Investment Choices

Does your bank or brokerage offer investments for your retirement accounts that are outside the traditional set of stocks, bonds, CD’s and money market investments?

You may even have even asked them about investing some of your funds in real estate or notes to diversify, and received an unfavorable response. Mention real estate to your financial adviser, and you might catch him with a sheepish look on his face, and he does not offer a solution for your needs.

The “dirty little secret” brokers and banks don’t want you to know is that 9 out of 10 people who successfully keep and grow their wealth do it through real estate. The best thing of all: It can be 100% tax free growth. Often, the reason why your funds are all in traditional, low-return or high-risk investments no other types of investments are offered at your brokerage.

They don’t advise you on how to invest in real estate or real estate notes, because they cannot earn a commission on these types of investments. For your regular investments accounts, diversifying is usually as easy as moving the funds into a different account, much like you would move your car to a different spot to park.

At Gallantree, we are a principal in all our lending and real estate transactions. We do not earn any commissions or fees for helping you invest in our opportunities. Contact us today for more detailed information about our investment packages that we are only allowed to reveal to qualified prospects.

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